Too late for Nest API access?

I recently got into Home Assistant. I had a disparate mix of automation devices (abode, wemo, hue, harmony, rachio) and it has been was nice to bring them all under one roof (mostly). If I were to start all over again I would do it different, but those siloed devices were a low barrier of entry into automation and int turn led me to HA which i very happy with.

But i still have one outlier. Nest. I have a Nest gen3, 4 sensors, and 3 Nest Protects. I’ve read here that nest was shutting down there API and not taking new users after the end of August. Unfortunately when I go to sign up I get redirected all over the place. I believe they are not accepting new users already.

Am I too late? Do I need to go ahead and cut my loses and move away from Nest? Or is it still possible to get access and put off migrating another few years. My devices aren’t even 1 year old.

Any help/direction will be much appreciated.