Too many updates for ESPHome; too often

@Fallingaway24 Sure. Now nobody can say anything might be better or look for improvement, because people like you say they’re moaning.
Why are you moaning about my moaning?
Why are you moaning about Microsoft and Apple?
Asking me to donate time to help is like asking a butcher to help your dentist treat you.
Stop talking nonsense; help if you can and BECOME NICE ALREADY!

I installed the whole HAOS because it is the Recommended installation method and promised to be easiest to maintain.
No way to do dockers or anything else in there.
No way to chose a version to install.
Lots of things to like, some not so likeable seem like could be relatively easy to fix.

Do you not have another computer? You can run esphome on windows or linux, not just on HAOS. You don’t even need docker, I was just using that as an example.

Why would you want to?

At any rate, somewhere near the start of this thread are the links to install ESPHome on your PC. You can create a binary file there and flash it to your ESP device. You don’t need the ESPhome add-on, but it sure is convenient.

Because he wants to control the version of esphome he uses (keep up old chap!)

Another update to ESPHome just for:


Really??? :crazy_face:

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Quit whining. See post 10.

If it ain’t broke. don’t fix it. Always update the ESPHome add-on when it’s available. If you have an ESP device that is working fine, just turn off the firmware entity for it. You won’t be bothered with almost daily ESPHome updates for that device.


Quit griefing. See post 37

As as been explained ad-infinitum a method already exists.

Disable the individual device update sensors.

Install the add-on updates as they occur, noting any breaking changes or new features, which are generally only in the major release, or noting bug fixes in the minor releases that have the potential affect you. It’s a 30 second read at the most.

If there are none, and your devices are functioning well, skip updating your end devices and get on with something else.

Using this method I update my devices about every 4 to 6 months when I can be bothered and have the time. 2 to 3 updates of the devices a year (even with +40 of them) is hardly onerous. Takes 10 minutes or so. Certainly less time than I have spent in this topic.


They whine that development and upgrades are made and you already know they’d whine if development stalled with no improvements to speak of. You cant win win people like this. They dont want to help with upgrades and development, instead they would rather complain about the free software they use because it inconvenienced them. Who doesnt just adore these ungrateful people?


Yes, ship often and ship small. Check about modern software development/continuous development and don’t be afraid of the future!

4 updates in as many days? Someone not testing properly or something?

I agree too many updates. These days I wait a few days after the last update before updating my devices, only to find another update the next morning.

You don’t have to update. ESPHome handles firmware for 100s of devices. The updates could be for specific fixes that don’t impact any hardware that you own. I ignore the updates and just choose 1 day a month to perform them, specifically with ESPHome.


Petro, missing the point. The more updates in a short period shows lack of planning, testing or something else or all the above and there is no excuse for it. It shows there is no quality control or lack there of.


No it does not. It shows active development and lack of testers. Just like HA. ESPhome is a separate beast as well, because each version contains the code that is pushed to devices. If there’s an issue on a single device and there’s a fix, then the whole code base updates.

If you don’t like it, use tasmota or some other open source code DIY firmware deployment mechanism.


If you look at the release notes, you can see this release contains a very long list of changes. Based on this large number, I already foresee a lot of point releases in the upcoming days, so I wait a week or two before I start updating my devices. And if there are for me no ‘interesting changes’ in the release notes I completely skip this version and do once in a few months and update to avoid breaking changes, who might ‘hit’ me in the future.

Yep, that is why the skip button exists. There’s nothing new of interest to me and no breaking changes I have to address so I’ll keep skipping these updates until the next ESPHome beta starts then I’ll install the last version for the month. I probably won’t bother updating all my devices.

So the actual work required by me has been: a quick three minute read of the release notes then pressing “skip” a few times. Not exactly an onerous task.

Remember this is a project highly embedded in the DIY space. You are expected to tinker and maintain.


Weird that I never saw you around in the esphome discord doing (beta) testing. Really no excuse?

As you know there are only a minimum of a million different possible esphome configurations one could have.

And the later will probably never be enough - because esphome supports such a vast amount of mcus, sensors, etc. Even if Phil would start (voluntarily) full time testing esphome other users will still come around and tell @pvanleen and others do a bad job, not testing enough and so on.

So one is only eligible for expressing their personal opinion regarding those update cycles if also being around in the esphome discord doing (beta) testing? :thinking:
Weird indeed.

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