Too many updates for ESPHome; too often

This sounds familiar… “I have nothing against XYZ, however…”.

Did you really not read this thread yet? Please do it as it explains everything or just continue ranting like an internet warrior, we keep you feeding no worries!

Just don’t respond to them, they have nothing good to say. They do not understand coding or testing, nor are they willing to take the time to help test the changes. Move along. Just let them yell in the wind like a child.


You are getting esphome for free, man.

Also, why dont you become a beta tester so the others can benefit of your reports…

I am sure that you would complain also if there wont be any updates in for instance a year.

I am just putting it out there too…


don’t waste your energy on individuals like this, it’s not worth it.
they need professional help.

on topic, I’m very grateful for the updates, it means someone is actively occupied fixing issues.
they do this in their spare time and are not getting paid.
kudos to them as they do all the hard work for us.


Me directly thinking triple bypass burger for whatever reason…


Anyway… found the perfect project for you! It’s called espurna and the last stable version is from 2019!

The world is full of ungrateful people - or a little nicer worded earlier in this thread

Big shout out to all esphome developers and testers!
Thank you so much for your great work and continuous improvements which enable advanced and local (privacy respecting!) controls at another level!

PS: I had a hard time with zigbee and so happy to have found esphome. It’s just next level and allows so much useful stuff to be locally executed on the devices which helps in having a more resilient smart home


Bcs you dont accept that other have a different opinion on how things should be done!

No need to “accept” any “opinion” based on false assumption :bulb:

Also everyone (still) posting in this thread complaining clearly didn’t even bother to read as the solution to this (non-)“issue” is repeated ad infinitum :repeat:

You wouldn’t say this if it were YOUR device that needs the update. Just skip or turn off the update entities. Problem solved.


We see that you never even checked the esphome dev branch, last commit 31 minutes(!) ago… an not yet in the stable release :scream:

It’s entertaining that you put so much effort in writing here instead of just addressing your issue or adding something valuable for the community :joy:

Thank you to all the people who support and create ESPHome. Just an awesome platform and I rejoice in every update! :sunglasses:. Hours of pleasure. But not always reading some of these posts.

Much respect to you! I say the same thing to people crying about the updates. Would they rather Esphome doesnt improve and fades into oblivion? A lot of people volunteer their time to add new components or integrations or just fix bugs that have been reported. They submit these changes at their own pace and some are just going to come right after an update so, another update is pushed out. People seem to think Esphome is like Microsoft and they have multiple office building floors full of engineers that can put all this together in a few days. People that complain about updates are free to volunteer their time and skills to improve Esphome. Anyone complaining and not offering solutions, theyre wasting people’s time and theyre unserious people that should be made fun of for being so ridiculous.

Long time listener, first time poster.

Yes! This X1000!

If people are so worked up about getting their shiny “new feature” then they should maybe know how to install an update on their own…? It’s hosted on GitHub is it not?

I think they should sit on updates and make sure they are vetted and then maybe have an update release once a month at the most, and that’s if there are any major changes. That goes for Home assistant itself, too. If someone’s itching to do the bleeding edge thing, they are probably savvy enough to figure out how to install an update on their own, manually.

Allowing version updates every five minutes by randos that haven’t been vetted is how we end up with back doors installed in mainstream distros! If you want to volunteer your home as someone’s sandbox, by all means, manually download and install the updates yourself.

I’ve been using Home Assistant for a good while now and only felt bothered to create an account to reply to this, I’ve been using ESPHome just as long and for all the ways it is relatively cripple (I use it mostly because there aren’t many good/cheap Z-wave contact inputs out there), they sure do seem like they need do an update for every little thing that doesn’t add anything meaningful…. Reading the commit notes doesn’t reveal anything that would affect me, and probably 99% of use out here. If someone “needs” an update because they “need” some minuscule change added, let them install it on their own, manually!

Meanwhile I’m sweating about losing an ancient integration that will end up costing me thousands of dollars just because someone is thinking it needs deprecated even though they don’t use it and it’s not hurting anything in the code base. Is this not a home automation system that is supposed to bring convenience to my life and be hosted locally? Instead I spend more time installing updates to get them out of my cue amd reading release notes all other the web to see if they are even worth my time or going to break my stuff.

I don’t buy the “we need bleeding edge updates every 2 days” argument. At all.

Please name these “randos”?

Can’t comment on your ancient integration, as you don’t name that either.

By the way you responded “This x1000” to a post which disagrees with you.


Just disable the update entities, and put a monthly appointment in your calendar to check the release notes to see if there’s something you like. No one forces you to update. And if you ever do experience a bug, feel free to wait a month as well.


:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

“Too many updates for ESPHome; too often” ← what I was saying “this times a thousand” to

I thought the blue “reply” at the very bottom of the thread was to reply to the thread?

I don’t see where I replied to anyone else but the thread…

A straight reply is usually regarded as a reply to the last poster, ie the one immediately above your post.

Still waiting for the list of randos and the ancient integration you were referring to.