TOON Integration and tariffs question

Hi there,

For reading out my energy usage, I use the Toon integration (Eneco).
This gives me the following entities:

  • sensor.electricity_meter_feed_in_tariff_1
  • sensor.electricity_meter_feed_in_tariff_2
  • sensor.electricity_meter_feed_out_tariff_1
  • sensor.electricity_meter_feed_out_tariff_2

Everywere I search tariff 1 (T1) should be the low tariff and tariff 2 (T2) the high tariff.
But this integrations is showing the values of T1 on the meter as tariff 2 and the T2 values under tariff 1.

When you know this, it is not a big issue. Just use the correct entity for the configuration.
But I wonder if this is an integration bug or something else. And should this be corrected?

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I can corfirm the same. The tariffs are swapped in the Toon integration.
Pretty sloppy mistake and nevertheless easy to correct but it can potentially cause confusion if you are not aware of it.

You need to create an issue here: Issues · home-assistant/core · GitHub

the only way to get it fixed… :wink:

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