TOON integration error (The component is not configured. Please follow the documentation.)


I wanted to setup my TOON integration but got stuck right away with te following error:

The component is not configured. Please follow the documentation.

And that’s it. The only thing possible is ‘Cancel’.
The documentation however isn’t saying anything at all about this error or solutions.

Can anyone help me out?
Best regards,
The Netherlands

This is my config:

System Health

version: 2021.1.4
installation_type: Home Assistant OS
dev: false
hassio: true
docker: true
virtualenv: false
python_version: 3.8.7
os_name: Linux
os_version: 5.4.79-v7l
arch: armv7l
timezone: Europe/Amsterdam

GitHub API: ok
Github API Calls Remaining: 4950
Installed Version: 1.10.0
Stage: running
Available Repositories: 773
Installed Repositories: 8

logged_in: false
can_reach_cert_server: ok
can_reach_cloud_auth: ok
can_reach_cloud: ok

host_os: Home Assistant OS 5.10
update_channel: beta
supervisor_version: 2021.01.5
docker_version: 19.03.13
disk_total: 27.7 GB
disk_used: 5.7 GB
healthy: true
supported: true
board: rpi4
supervisor_api: ok
version_api: ok
installed_addons: File editor (5.2.0), Let's Encrypt (4.11.0), Portainer (1.3.0), php-nginx Docker Image (latest), Terminal & SSH (8.10.0), rest980 Docker Image (20200205), Check Home Assistant configuration (3.6.0), Mosquitto broker (5.1), Samba share (9.3.0)

dashboards: 2
mode: storage
views: 2
resources: 8

Did you complete the following steps before you try integration in configuration?

Setting up a developer account

In order to be able to use this component, you’ll need to sign up for a free Toon API developer account.

  1. Visit the Toon API developers website, and sign in. Create an account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Open the “My Apps” page and click on “Add a new App” button on the top right.
  3. The “Add App” page shows a form with two fields:
  • App Name : Can be anything you like, for example, “Home Assistant” will just do.
  • Callback URL : https://homeassistant.local:8123/auth/external/callback (Please replace the first part of the URL with the internal URL of your Home Assistant frontend).
  1. Click on “Create App” to complete the creation process.
  2. Open the “My Apps” page again and click on the app that you’ve just created.
  3. You need the codes now shown: “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret”.
  4. Add the Toon integration to your configuration.yaml and restart Home Assistant. Then, go to Configuration > Integrations and select CONFIGURE next to Toon and follow the setup instructions.


To use your Toon in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  client_id: YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY
  client_secret: YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET
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Thanks! That did the trick!

Bump… just to share my experience, perhaps this helps other with similar results.

I followed these steps carefully. The result is that Home Assistant prompts to create a Toon integration and wants to configure. And when I do so, a popup appears saying “Choose your tenant to authenticate with” in our case “Eneco Toon via Configuration.yaml” and I can choose “Submit”. At the first time there was a popup saying “This step requires you to visit an external website to be completed.” I could login to our Eneco account, probably it needed a confirmation for the link. Then it quickly came with the popup “Aborted”. Now there is no invocation of the Eneco login any more, it directly prompts “Aborted” and I can only choose “Close” and so no Toon integration.

Later I created a new ToonAPI account with the identical Eneco account.
I also payed good attention which email address and password needed to be filled at the Eneco login. Perhaps there was a mistake earlier.
This was successful.

Official Toon 2, non-rooted, subscription present
Home Assistant core version 2021.12.2 running on Docker CE