Toon setup netatmo needed?


I’m trying to setup the Toon integration, during this attempt I get the message that the netatmo component isn’t configured.

The weird thing is that this isn’t mentioned in the docs Toon - Home Assistant

Anyone with a tip?

Thank you in advance

Thanks for reporting this. It looks like there was an issue with translation files. I’ll take a look tomorrow.

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Anyone has any update on this issue?

No rush :blush:

This was purely an issue with the translation. Netatmo is not required at all for the Toon integration.

Hello all, I am very new at Home Assistant and trying to get a rooted Toon to work in Home Assistent.
Is the Toon integration for rooted toon’s?

Greetings Edwin

I’m unsuccessful at creating my account on Toon API | User account

It looks like their email setup is broken as I don’t get my registration email delivered.

I think this needs to be configured first before continuing with the hassio setup.

@edwin123 @vinc1402 your questions are unrelated to the original topic. Please open separate topics.