TOR configuration hel(l)p

Hi there!

Am I the only person here who is unable to connect tor for secure remote access to Home Assistant?!

Please do not point me to the cookbook example because I cannot make it work…

I’ve really tried to make tor working on my raspberry pi 2 but with no luck… Installation went well, modifying torrc file also.
Next command > sudo /etc/init.d/tor restart, failed to execute (then I’ve restarted pi manually…). Next > $ sudo more /var/lib/tor/homeassistant/hostname showing folder doesn’t exist…
Tried it many times, clean install(raspbian jessie), update/upgrade, sudo pip3 install homeassistant or all-in-one script, same…

Can someone please make some more “self explanatory” manual for us(me) total noobs?

Thanks in advance.

User is getting answers here if anyone needs to follow:

I was wondering how to resolve this.

No, the error still exists, at least for users of Raspian Buster.

Am I to presume the use of Tor is not possible, considering the age of this thread? I think the “cookbook” is in need of some serious modification of its “ingredients,” eg. omit the pepper disguised as “dots.”