Tor Vs letsencrypt for Raspberry Pi 2 running all-in-one

Just wanted to get some opinions on what would be easier as far as access to HA from outside the network. I have a Pi2 running all-in-one with a TP-Link ONHUB as my router. Wondering which would give me a better experience and security: using the Tor route, or going with Duck DNS and letsencrypt?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It depends whether you want to access you machine from all machines. Maximum security would be TOR but you wont be able to access HA on a phone from external as easily as with SSL. Furthermore for things like alexa TOR would not work.


Awesome! Didnโ€™t know about alexa not working with TOR. I donโ€™t have one now but I plan on adding one in the future (or maybe the Google Home) so I think ill try SSL. Thanks for the help!

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