Toro Evolution irrigation controller via SMRT Logic gateway

This would be awesome to have integration with HA. The Toro Evolution controller is a complete irrigation controller for residential (and light commercial) use and is available throughout the world. This request is to not take over the irrigation function within HA but rather to monitor its various sensors (including weather, freeze, temperature, automatic irrigation cycle adjustments, etc.), alerts, adjust parameters, and provide control. It is highly expandable for up to 16 zones and connects to an optional weather sensor (Toro EVO-WS) (via proprietary wireless protocol) which measures sunlight and temperature to adjust sprinkling schedules. There is also a soil moisture sensor. The Evolution controller, using the same wireless protocol, connects to a built-for-purpose gateway (SMRT Logic). The SMRT Logic gateway interfaces via ethernet to a cloud based application. I have reviewed the information coming into the website ( but I do not have the programming chops to tackle this. The goal would be to use the data locally from the gateway.

+1, this would be very useful.

I would point out that Toro also uses this system for landscape lighting as well so there are lots of functions that could be pulled into Home Assistant for the shared users.

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