Total energy usage during specific hours like during the night

I’d like to know how much energy is used during the night, for example between 01:00 and 08:00. I’ve searched and tried, but no luck so far to come up with a kWh number. I can use the History tab, but it doesn’t give me a number. Tips anyone?

Create a utility meter with two tariffs, night and day. Feed it your total energy sensor.

Switch the tariffs with a time triggered automation. This will create two energy sensors, one for night one for day.


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I’m new to HA, so this was sort of a cryptic reply! :sweat_smile: After a lot of attempts, I think I have it figured out. Now let’s wait for the result… :crossed_fingers: Thank you for the help!

Apologies, you asked for “tips” and did not supply a lot of information (like the entity ids involved) so I just gave general guidance. If you need more detailed help, just ask.