Total failure of Lovelace UI after update from 0.85 to 0.86.2

Meanwhile the update from version 0.85 to 0.86.2 drives me crazy ( on Raspberry Pi 3). First the problems with double underscores, then the story with the “time trigger”. At first, even didn’t want to start any more, but after I solved all problems (thanks to my SD-Card Image-Backup) mentioned above, now runs on version 0.86.2.
But the story is not over yet… When I click “Try out the new Lovelace UI”, there is only an error “Error while loading this panel”… No more information, no log entries, nothing…

I did try Lovelace UI before under versin 0.85.2, but I don’t have switched the default UI to Lovelace UI, now with 0.86.2 Lovelace UI does not run at al…
BTW, I don’t have a “ui-lovelace.yaml” so far.

Grateful for any help!

I had similar problems like you. Here’s a couple things I did to get me started after fixing the double underscore & time triggers.

Generated a ui-lovelace.yaml file from
This creates a hugh ui-lovelace.yaml file but it got me started with the ability to customize my own.

Cleared the cache from my browser.

Uhh, Browser cache clearing and browser restart did it! Lovelace UI loaded!
OK, next step is configuring… will take some time and will bring some other problems, I’m pretty sure!

Anyway, Lovelance UI is up and running! Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome, glad you got to the next step.