Total_increasing negative increase value

In my HA installation, I’m tracking devices energy by group with template sensor by group.
I have an “other group” for non monitoring device wich is the difference of total provider energy and all monitored devices.
The base index of each of this word is make me a negative index for my “other group”. This index is increasing all time.

When I choose total_increasing, the sensor never updates because the value is negative (even if this incrase).
Is this a bug or a choice of HA ?
I have to switch to “total” to solve this issue but i think it’s not durable choice… The day when I change a monitoring device wich reset is cunter,… This will be backup negative evolution instead of reset one…
Thanks for your help

There’s useful info here on how HA treats “total_increasing”. It doesn’t specifically mention what happens if your sensor is negative, but does treat zero as a reset and a lower value than the previous as an assumption of a zero reset.

You could have a look in the statistics table of the database to see what is actually getting stored.

I think we had to ask a features for this case :wink: