Total photovoltaic production

it would be convenient to have the total photovoltaic production on the graph as seen in the energy consumption when there are several lines. it is useful when you have multiple inverters.

I add screenshots to better understand the lack.
here the consumption of the 3 lines with the total:

while on photovoltaic production, if you have several inverters you do not have the total production

seems to work well here -
I have two inverters and my production lines give the total

if you click on the individual hours of the graph it is not reported as it is for consumption

I think what OP means to state is that the graph text when you hover over the bars only gives the amounts of thr individual production things

Inverter 1 - 1PM-2PM 1kWh
Inverter 2 - 1PM-2PM 0.8kWh

It doesn’t also give

Total - 1PM-2PM 1.8kWh

You can read the overall total for that hour from the Y axis just fine though

It would be a useful feature for people also with multiple strings , I track my 4 MPPT’s through the energy dashboard!

yes, you have to add up in mind, I would prefer to have a total as is the case with consumption