Totally lost during install

I downloaded the Raspberry Pi 3B image with GPIO. I installed the image on my 64gb micro SD. I booted and it came to log in, I don’t have a password for username, so I just waited and it passed that point and then got to a line that says power saver enabled. What is the default username and password. Continues to ask for login.

Are you talking about the HA web interface, or the HA console?

Now that I screwed it up, if I boot again will it give me the chance to do that?

Have you visited http://IP_OF_THE_PI:8123 ?

What Jason said is a reference to step 8 here:

the Raspberry image is a ‘headless’ image, meaning there is no need to connect a monitor/keyboard to the raspberry., which i suspect you did (and where you’re trying to logon).
After installation you need to connect a browser on another machine (laptop, pc, ipad) in order to finish the installation of HA :wink: