Totally newbie question, adding RESTfull devices

I used Pimatic for 5 years now, but want to switchover to homeassitant.

I created a docker install on a RPI3 machine and HA 2022 is running in a container. Piece of cake.

But then:

In Pimatic the configuration was straight forward: Define devices including device types, configure them, put them on the UI and make automation rules for them.

I try to do the same for HA. I want to add and configure some RESTfull switches and lights.

I studied a lot of links.

But I cannot figure out, how to put devices on a dashboard and configure them.

I see some integrations like:

I think, I a have to add them with Configuration->Devices & Services, but cannot add them. No integration found message.

Is there a step for step guide to help me out of this? Who can help me out to make a start?

this is probably what you’re looking for:
RESTful Switch - Home Assistant (

integration instructions are inside the article.

Thank you.

I don’t have any expiere with HA at all.

What are the steps to create a switch and put it on an dashboard?

Can I do it from the UI? Or do I have to edit configuration.yaml of one of the other .yaml files?

Hi @Edautz

You have to define your rest switches same place where your other switches are configured manually by yaml code. This can be in the switch: section in your configuration,yaml or if you made a separate file for managing switches by adding something like this to your configuration,yaml:

switch: !include switches.yaml

Here is the guide on how to define rest Switches

And similarly you can define Rest sensors. Here is the guide

And Binary sensors:

Another approach, if you have more than one Sensor or binary sensor, at the same endpoint, it is more efficient to use the “Rest:” section. Here is the guide:

Notice: You have to restart your home assistant before your configuration takes effect and the new entities are available for usage on a dashboard in your Lovelace or referred to in automations, scripts etc.

Hope this makes sense for you, otherwise please let me know and I will try to help you further.

Kind regards,

Thnx for all the info. I played around with HA for many hours now and managed to create devices and automations.

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