"Touch/small slide" not recognized as "On/Off" on FullyKiosk-Touchpanel

Hey guys,

I have a wall mounted tablet (Fire HD 10) with Fully-Kiosk displaying my Home-Assistant Dashboard. Things are running pretty smooth and good. I just have one problem that is driving me crazy and I don’t find a solution…

This is my dashboard:

Sometimes when I press a “button” on the dashboard (eg Küchenleuchte), nothing happens. At first I thought the touchscreen is buggy or something, but after a few times I recognized the problem.

When I press the button while walking by the tablet I touch the screen and while touching I move my finger a bit so Home Assistant does not interpret my “slide” as the command to press the “button”.

It’s a bit hard to explain, but I hope you understand me. Do you have a hint for how to solve my problem? So that small slides are still interpreted as a touch?
Is it even a Home Assistant problem or more Fully Kiosk?

Thanks i advance!

Wow, I thought I’m the one going crazy. It drives me nuts sometimes.
As you mentioned, often I press stuff whilst walking and as you yourself noticed, when there is a slight movement of the finger whilst pressing, eg. not a press on the screen and the lifted right away, FKB doesn’t recognise it as a press and you have to actually stop, press and lift the finger.

Have you ever figured out something?

yeah, I found a compromise for myself.
There is a setting called “Enable Dragging” in “Advanced Web Settings”. I disabled the setting.
Our problem is thus solved. However, there is a disadvantage: Slider, or similar can no longer be operated. As I said, it is a compromise that I can live with. Increases in any case the “WAP” ;).

Nice find, on the tablet where it bugs me most, I don’t have any sliders, so I’ve just disabled it.
I’ll see how I get along but some quick test show the solution to be promising.
Thanks a lot for your feedback :slight_smile:

Having the same problem when dimming some lights.
Is that a general problem of the Fire HD?
Actually for me it isnt an option to disable the dragging.
Some other ideas to solve that problem?