Touch/swipe delayed response on iPad & iPhone since upgrade to iOS 14

I griped about this on Github but it hasn’t gotten any love so I thought I’d post here and see if anyone else is having the same problem. Since my iPhone XI Pro and iPad Pro (2018 11 inch model) were upgraded to iOS 14, interacting with either the mobile app or a browser (Safari, Chrome) on the screen results in about a half-second delay. This is mostly a problem with swiping… for instance, swiping down to refresh is difficult because my finger is already almost off the screen by the time the screen starts to move. Swipe card is unusable. Clicking on, for instance, a light replicates this behavior in that the switch registers (and haptics occur) with a similar delay. Weirdly, if the screen is already in motion (for instance when swiping down on a vertical stack), response is immediate as is expected. Also, if using the trackpad on a magic keyboard attached to the iPad, response is completely normal. Resetting, restarting, reinstalling and so forth had no effect… it’s something about interacting with the digitizer (screen) in iOS 14.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Anybody? Bueller?