Touchscreen with connection to HA-windows 10

Hi. I have Home Assistant run on HP T630 on HassOS. But on wall i have installed touchscreen with connection to Home Assistant by web browser Chrome. It is run on Intel NUC with Windows 10. Touchscreen turn off after about 3 minutes. But when i touch screen after long time my Intel NUC with Chrome show me on screen Connection lost, reconnect… and i must wait some time to reconnect. This problem is only after more time… When screen turn off and then i touch it there is no problem. But when wait long time or after night it has a problem. Is any solution for it to no disconnect connection ?

On left menu, click to your name, check if you have “automatically close connection” enabled - if so, disable it, since this function will close connection after 5 minutes.

Otherwise - on my android tablets connection soon closes if i turn off screen, no matter what. At wakeup message “Connection lost, reconnect…” always appears. I don’t know how it’s on Windows, since my only windows is constantly on, only at night it’s darker.

Hi. Thanks it probably resolved my problem. Now is ok and also i test it after night. Thanks.

I check and no change this solution… still is the same problem.