Toyota custom integration

Toyota custom integration


This is a custom integration the retrieves’ data from the Toyota MyT API and makes them available in Home Assistant as different types of sensors. As there is no official API from Toyota, I will try my best to keep it working, but there are no promises.


Easiest way is to install it through HACS.

Other installation methods are listed on the github readme. (See link at the top)

Feature request link

If you are having any issues, please open an issue over at github


Hi, Will this be setup for use in Australia? Cheers


not working anymore :frowning:


Same here. Integration stopped working recently. I reckon after one of the HA upgrades, but didn’t note down exact point in time.

I did try remove entry and re-add it again - no luck.

I’m still on an old version of HA (2022.11), and still working for me.

My integration stopped working when I upgraded to the MyToyota app from the MyT app. It looks like a change at the Toyota end broke the api.

If you don’t open the MyT app, and convert to the new one. It should keep working.

A fix is being implemented, you can choose master when installing from HACS, this will give you guys the cutting edge but it may break with out warning. Right now master is working.

:rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light: Breaking changes ahead :rotating_light: :rotating_light: :rotating_light:
:warning: Read carefully! :warning:

Version 2.0.0 of the toyota Custom Component now includes all customizations for the new Toyota oneapi!
This also means that this version is no longer compatible with your vehicle if you are still using the old MyT app! Before updating, please make sure that you are already using the new MyToyota app and that your vehicle has already been migrated to the new API.

The changes may not look big to you in terms of the Home Assistant sensors and entities, but there have been huge changes in the background!
Especially due to the great support of @GitOldGrumpy and @CM000n , there were more than 50,000 lines of code changed in the mytoyota Python Lib and the ha_toyota Home Assistant Custom Component to ensure compatibility with the new Toyota API.
But of course, as the initiator of the two projects, we should not forget to mention @DurgNomis-drol.

All these changes make it necessary for you to completely remove the previous Custom Component installation from your Home Assistant devices and HACS!
You should then perform a reboot and can then reinstall the custom component via HACS again.

If you encounter any problems, please create an issue at: Issues · DurgNomis-drol/ha_toyota · GitHub

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I managed to create an entri, but no entities or devices are created. Any solutinios?

Car bz4x.