TP-Link Component scan_interval

Since the migration to the new TP-Link Smart Home component, it seems we are missing some parameters that were available in the previous implementation. Specifically, the scan_interval and enable_leds variables are no longer configurable within the tplink component. Would this be added soon?

for the scan interval

for the leds.

It may be worth asking for this in the ‘feature requests’ section.

It seems a shame when a component gets replaced by something with features missing from the old one, maybe someone with enough python skills would be able to add back in the scan interval feature

You can use the service call homeassistant.update_entity to make it update more frequently though it will admittedly be a bit of work to make an automation that fires every 3 seconds.

I’ll say that before, I felt it was running fine, but after that update, my log got flooded with “went to unavailable” (I know it’s an issue with the switches though), so I had to remove it from the log

Thanks for the references!

I was able to configure it for my automation with a few modifications for the scan interval part using this. Would be nice if it was added as a component feature itself :slight_smile:

@SuctionSeat; I’ve moved this over to the feature request section, thanks.

You have my vote! The default polling frequency is suboptimal: it is too low. A polling rate of 5 seconds works perfectly.

So, the wish would be:

  • Either change the default polling rate from 30 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Or introduce an option to let the user change it from the gui of the integration

I know this can also be done by setting up an automation (see an example below), but i feel this is the wrong direction. Home Assistant is focussing more and more on being user-friendly, so that more people will enjoy Home Assistant (not just tech-savvy people). Having to build your own automation for this is the opposite of being user-friendly.

alias: Update TP-Link HS110
description: ''
  - platform: time_pattern
    seconds: /5
condition: []
  - service: homeassistant.update_entity
        - switch.energiemeter_pc
        - switch.energiemeter_tv
mode: single