TP-Link Deco m5

I have been looking for a way to integrate the new TPlink deco m5. Anything in the works?

I am wondering the same. As deco is only using an app for controlling the devices I am guessing it is not as easy as calling a web interface. Would be cool if someone had some thoughts around this :smiley:

I looked at these but ultimately went with 3 UniFi AP-AC-Lites. at $69us each, they are much less expensive and the unifi controller plugs right into HA.

To be fair, I have seen some good reviews of the deco set and I love my tp-link router.

Hello guys! I am trying to set my Deco M5 to port forward 8123 to my Hassio without success. Is it possible to make it accessible outside via HTTS with Deco M5?? Thanks!

Did you make it work? I have set up port forwarding 8123 to my RPi3. Have you had a look at ?

I also use the duckdns add-on to make the connection secure.

Hello! Please, take a look a this video:

newest firmware has web interface

FYI: GitHub - amosyuen/ha-tplink-deco: Home Assistant TP-Link Deco Custom Component

I did setup the port forwarding but I can’t access my hass unfortunately, could you quickly describe what you have done?