TP-Link Integration Changes 2021.10.0 - Slow state updates and static IP config deprecation

It looks like with version 2021.10.0, the TP-Link integration has been updated to use python-kasa.

I’m starting to have an issue as of this version where the state changes of a given switch can take up to 30 seconds to update in HA and issue a state_changed event (I’m subscribed to state_changed in the Events tab of Developer Tools). Is there a way to change the polling interval? Or has python-kasa allowed HA to subscribe to event changes? The previous version of the integration seemed to poll every second. While inefficient, it worked for my use case.

Also, if I understand correctly, the static IP configuration of TP-Link devices is now deprecated? Is there a technical reason for this? I have devices that span subnets, and broadcast packets (for various and sundry reasons) are not bridged across the subnets on my network. The Chromecast integration also seemed to make this decision as well and roll it back to continue to allow static IP configuration for devices.

EDIT: forgot to mention (in case someone finds this later), but it also seems like my dimmers have changed from “switch” entities to “light” entities, which required changes in my automation to match. This is maybe a side-effect of the deprecation of the configuration, which had the IPs for my TP-Link devices under “switch.”

To add device by static IP go to Integrations > Add integration > TP Link Kasa > Enter the IP of your device. Once the integration picks it up it will get added to the larger list of devices user the Kasa section under integrations.

Kind of counter-intuitive, but works like a charm.

Unfortunately I don’t have dimmers and don’t really have the issue with the delay in polling, but for the latter you can try removing and re-adding the entity.

That’s indeed pretty counter-intuitive, but thank you for the clarification. Is there a way to edit the assignments as well? Looking at System Options when a device is selected under the Kasa integration only has a couple of toggles.

The delay is present in all TP-Link device interactions, not only the dimmers (they’ve gone back to nodeRED for now). For example, I have a wall switch and a smart plug that trade states when the TV is turned on. Before it was pretty much instant, now it can take somewhere up to 15 or so seconds to respond. I will try adding and removing devices though, thanks for the suggestion.