TP Link Kasa Discovery on Different Subnet, Docker Container

Rebuilding my HA instance into a docker container on my server. One thing that I see was fixed in late 2021 was network discovery of TP Link Kasa devices (see Add network support to tplink for discovery across subnets by bdraco · Pull Request #56721 · home-assistant/core · GitHub). I’m just not sure how to take advantage of this.

My server is at My Kasa devices are all at 10.10.2.XX. My router has bridged LAN0 ( to LAN1 ( and I can manually add the Kasa devices by IP address. That’s not fun, though; there’s about 30 of them.

Docker is running the container on the host network. I was able to discover Chromecast devices on the LAN0 subnet automatically, so that’s all working fine.

I see reference to the “network” tab in the settings. When I go there, I just get a blank page. I assume that to be due to me running this in a pure container.

I’d love any help to make this automatically detect these Kasa devices.