TP-Link Kasa HS210 (3-way switch) delay in updating status

I’ve got a number of various Kasa devices in my HomeAssistant setup all populated by the integration. All work well, except the 4 HS210 devices (3-way switches). With them, when I toggle the state via the HA UI, the devices respond properly, but the display first shows the new state, then about a second later switches back to the old state, and then after a variable amount of time reflects the proper state. What I suspect is happening is the initial state change is not being recognized by the HA software, but then the periodic polling is picking up the change.

I wouldn’t care so much except I also use Alexa via the Hue emulation interface for all of my devices. For the HS210 devices, rather than perform the action and respond with “OK”, she (Alexa) performs the requested action (properly), but then responds with an error message about check my network connection and power supply. I assume the error indication back to Alexa corresponds to the same initial state “error” being displayed on the HA UI.

This is apparently not a new or rare problem. I found several other references to it in various forums. but no solution I can reproduce. In one solution mentioned, they removed and reinstalled the device via the Kasa App and the problem went away. I’ve tried every variation of that theme I can think of but still no help.

Anyone aware of this problem with a real fix? I thought I’d ask here before opening a bug ticket, but that will be my next stop.

BTW, my HS210’s are all used one per circuit (the “other” switch in the pair is a standard 3-way switch). And they all work properly in every way other than this status-update-delay-on-toggle problem.

Thx for any help on this.

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I have the same problem. Never found a solution. At some point, my HS210s decided to only work with Hassio about 10% of the time, so I’m thinking to give up on them altogether.

I found a solution a while back and just never got around to posting it here. It’s not ideal, but seems to work reliably. I created the following automation (placed in automations.yaml), one instance for each HS210 (I have 4):

#the following "Extra Nudge" entries address issue with Kasa 3-way switches not working properly with integration
#they need an extra update ~0.5 secs after state change so proper state is reflected on Lovelace GUI and Alexa/Hue
- alias: K5 HS210 Extra Nudge
  - platform: event
    event_type: call_service
        entity_id: switch.k05_garage_lights
  - delay: 0.5
  - service: homeassistant.update_entity
      entity_id: switch.k05_garage_lights
  id: e60e37b4c80c42d48cc48361097ae21c

Beyond the update issue above, my HS210’s have been working fine. What other problems are you observing?

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i found this somewhere and this seemed to fixed my issue.

added this in configuration.yaml
discovery: false
- host: 192.168.1.XX
- host: 192.168.1.XX