TP-Link Kasa smart bulbs KL130

Does anyone know if you can configure colour as well as light intensity of the KL130 bulbs in HA?
Having seached the web I’m reading rather disturbing comments in general concerning Kasa bulbs no longer being supported for use by HA, so maybe I chose the wrong product there!
Having said that, I can switch the bulbs on and off, but don’t see any colour option in the entities.

I have the same question for the only white dimmer bulbs KL110

Were you ever able to adjust the dimmer in HA?

I have a KL110 and can’t get dimmer settings to show up, the python kasa command can see and set the brightness (used pip install python-kasa to install kasa).

Home assistant 2022.7.6

I have Kasa lights and switches throughout our house and have the TP-Link Integration installed. I control all thru Node-Red without any issues.

For the lights I am able to set brightness as well as color if it is a color bulb, via Node-Red call service. I am also able to set the dimmer switches as well although for these I mainly use a Lovelace dashboard.

The main issue that has been raised has been local vs cloud control. I have not updated the firmware on any of my Kasa devices because of this concern.