TP-Link KP115, Today's consumption not working

I just setup a TP Link KP115 plug with energy monitoring with HA. All the sensors are working except for the daily consumption sensor. The current and 30day (total) consumption seem to be working fine.

I have the plug on a VLAN without internet access. Does the daily consumption sensor require something extra to work?

Does it need access to an NTP server? If so can I point it to my HA NTP server somehow?

Curious Jason if you ever got this working. Energy monitoring was working for me with these devices but I just noticed it stopped working at some point late last year.

All the sensors for the KP115 work fine for me in Home Assistant. The only one not working is the 24hr power consumption sensor. It turns out that the plug does need internet access for that to work, because there is a hardcoded NTP server that it requires.

I had heard that some of the newer firmware for the Kasa smart home devices was removing the local API. Iā€™m not sure which models specifically are affected. Have you updated the firmware on any of yours?

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