TP-Link KP400 outdoor outlet... .DO NOT UPDATE FIRMWARE

Warning to TP-Link KP400 users… I have two of these devices, one works great (HA v 101.3), but the other one I mistakenly upgraded the firmware on, and now every time I restart HA, it breaks it. In order to get it back, I have to remove the TP-Link integration and re-add it.

Funny thing is that in the Kasa app, they both show as firmware version 1.0.10.

Anyway, be warned…

Do you have a static ip set? And have you tried adding it back to config manually (with static ip) instead of using discovery?

I’ve set it as a reserved DHCP on my router, and I’ve added that IP to my configuration.yaml file.

Plot twist… now the updated firmware one is the only one showing up in HA… even when manually added via configuration.yaml.

But, it turns out one of them already had the update firmware… now it doesn’t show up properly, but the ‘updated’ one does.

Finally got them all working, once I got home and power-cycled the now-messed up one… but a HA restart still requires me to remove TP-Link integration and re-add it after HA restart to get all of my plugs showing up properly (this is with them statically added via IP in configuration.yaml).