TP-Link LB130 colours Homekit

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I have a few TL-Link bulbs. The seem to work just fine through the web interface. When i added in homekit then only “on and off” seems to work properly from the iOS Home app. Colour and hue don’t react as they should / as they do from the Web UI (Just tested the web UI again it it also does not set the correct colours).

Using Raspberry Pi 3
Home Assistant - 0.66.0
Supervisor - Version 0.99
Host System - Version 1.3

The logs don’t seem to be showing any errors although it seems to be setting the incorrect values. The below was a siri request to blue colour. The same happens if you use the Home app colour picker for that bulb.

min_mireds=154, max_mireds=500, brightness=99.45, color_temp=258, hs_color=(0, 0), rgb_color=(255, 255, 255), xy_color=(0.32, 0.336)

Is there anything that i can check or change to correct this