TP-Link Switches - Still locally controllable?

Does anyone have TP-Link Kasa switches that are currently working locally and not via the cloud? a month ago I bought 98 switches for my electrician to install in my new home. He is starting to install them now and I just noticed an ominous update from HA that TP-Link has stopped cooperating with letting users use the local API.

Yes, my 4 switches are still working great in local mode with Home Assistant.
HS110 H/W ver 4.0 Firmware 1.0.5
HS110 H/W ver 2.0 Firmware 1.5.7
KP115 H/W ver 1.0 Firmware 1.0.7
KP115 H/W ver 1.0 Firmware 1.0.10

I came across this TP-Link FAQ [How to make Kasa smart devices controlled local only | TP-Link Australia] showing how to skip the tp-link account

And I even got help last month with setting up a couple of new KP115’s from Technical Support … though admittedly they refused to consider there could be any issue with their equipment. When I borrowed an iPad the Kasa app was able to connect my new devices to my local network OK.

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