TPLink HS300 Smart Power Strip

Please disregard, found what I was looking for…

I have the TPLink HS300 Power Strip working as one switch and was curious if it is possible to configure each of the plugs as independent switches from emulated_hue?

The Power Strip has 6 plugs and Alexa and the Kasa app see them as 6 independent plugs and would like to achieve the same functionality in emulated hue, if possible.



The backend library supports HS300’s separate control (, it will take some time until it will be supported (this is a prerequisite:

Can you explain to me why the backend library works (I assume this means the Github code is functional), but why it can’t be supported now in HA? (I don’t understand the information on the prerequisite link).
Thanks for educating the non-technical!

What I wanted to say that the tplink support in homeassistant is going through some extensive changes at the moment. Before those changes are done it is not easy to integrate this functionality to homeassistant.

For the time being you can use the command-line tool (pyhs100) to control individual sockets of the strip, e.g.:

pyhs100 state

should display the states and to turn of a single socket:

pyhs100 on <index number of the socket>

This requires the most recent pyHS100 version (0.3.4) to work, you can check the version you have with:

pip show pyHS100

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for explaining this! I’m running hassio on a rpi3, so does that mean I just have to wait? Or is there a way to do those commands?

The easiest way is just wait. There must be a way to install packages separately from the hassio installation, but I don’t have any idea how to do that, sorry.

No worries man. I’m appreciative that 90% of my smart home items are compatible with HA on Hassio, and the rest is coming with just a little patience. That’s the hard part!


I’m playing with the command line tool (pyhs100). I’ve got it working and can turn on/off the individual outlets but when I pull the state it always shows them all “on” even if they are off. Just wondering if you see that same thing? Trying to decide if its a bug or something I’m doing. Thanks.

I don’t have a test device, so I cannot say much about those. But you could try to see what the device returns when you activate the debug mode (iirc both -d or --debug will do).

edit: the output of the cli is not checking the state of the device, but simply printing out the “on since” based on the values in the responses on_time field, see

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Thanks. I’ve subscribed to that bug report to follow its progress.

They have some patches that fix pyhs100’s displaying of the states for the powerstrip outlets. I manually updated mine with these patches and they appear to work. Looks like its just a matter of time for them to release an update with the patches and then for HA to add that new version.

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Yes, that was me, glad to hear it is working! :slight_smile: In the future I’d recommend to comment on the PR directly, that way the developers working on that PR will get notified directly.

I’m running HA 0.89.2 on a RPi3.
Despite the new TP Link integrations, I don’t see my HS300 show up.
It does list my 2 different light switches.
Granted, on the documentation page, it doesn’t list the power strip as covered.
Should it be working with the 0.89 upgrade?
If not, how’s it going in the GitHub world towards getting this fully integrated?

It was added to the python library so you can manually use it via command line settings in HA. It has not been added to be supported directing in the HA module though. I’m not sure if that is currently in progress or not.

I’m still waiting for native support, but in the mean time I found a work around. I used homebrige to share tplink with home kit. I then linked it to the homekit controller component. I don’t get power info per socket, but I get on/off control.

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FYI for those who have this device

Energy monitoring on this device seems to be buggy. image

At the moment, the Kasa App claims 1.69kWh, Total Usage, where HA claims 0.393kWh total. It SEEMS like the integration is tracking the Total on its own, or otherwise applying some modifier to it instead of just fetching the value from the device (port).

I don’t know if this belongs here or as a new topic but ever since the last update and a subsequent reboot of my network but also more reboots of H/A, I have all my Kasa/TP-Link power strips that reporting their status for each outlet as on, despite the Kasa app and the physical switches on the HS300 showing them off. If I turn them off in HA, they turn right back on, again. I am not sure if the H/A update broke this or what is going on.

I have unplugged/plugged in the power strips.
I have restarted H/A…several times.

The app works correctly and what is really weird is that the voice commands seem to work.

It seems as if H/A just shows their status up as wrong.