TPLink switches confused entities

I have two TPLink plug switches. I have an extremely confused configuration and I can’t work out how to straighten it out.

If I look at the TPLink integration it shows two devices and two entities. If I look at the list of devices it shows:

machine monitor    TP-Link  HS110 etc
Office Heater      TP-Link  HS110 etc

If I look in Entities they show up similarly:

machine monitor     switch.machine_monitor      TP-Link Kasa Smart
Office Heater       switch.office_heater        TP-Link Kasa Smart

The icon at the end of these two rows indicate ‘restored’

However, if I go to Developer Tools and the Services Tab, so I can turn the switches on and off, it gets weird.
The two entities described above do not function and in States tab they show as unavailable.
I find I have two entities listed that do operate the TP-Link devices

If I go back to Config section…
The two entities with ‘unnamed’ in their name are marked ‘read-only’ in the entity list and hence cannot be renamed or deleted.

The two entities with sensible names which don’t work can be selected and deleted or renamed.

I have tried removing the TPLink integration and things go weirder. During start up the sensible named devices work but stop working by the time the system recovery has completed and the TPLink integration reinstalls itself.

How can I untangle this so the entities that work can be usefully named and those that don’t can be deleted.

Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the same issue.

nope. just putting up with it.