Traccar devices not showing

You’re right, you don’t set up the account on the client - you set the account up on the server, then add the device on the server side. The issue was that I’d added the devices using the admin account, but then logged in from HA using my user account.
I can’t recall if you can just do everything with the admin account anyway, in which case none of this would be relevant. What’s the actual problem that you’re having?

I install the client on my phone. I install the webhook in HA then I add the device to the server that is an add on for HA. Device shows as offline on the server.

Ah I see. My setup was a bit different as I had a separate traccar server outside of HA and just integrated the client with that. I’m not sure what your problem might be - maybe best to start a new thread for it. It would also be helpful to include screenshots of your setup (with any personal details hidden) and any logs.