Traccar events in HA

How I am suppose to handle when a event is fired in traccar in Home Assistant?

I have this in my configuration:

  - platform: traccar
    host: ...
    event: ['all_events']
    monitored_conditions: ['all_events']

The doc says:

as soon as Home Assistant receives those events from the platform, they will be fired as traccar_device_overspeed and traccar_device_fuel_drop. NOTE Specify all_events if you want to import all events.

But I cannot find anything related with that events in my HA. In the “/developer-tools/event” I do not have any listener for traccar or related.

What should I do to have, for example, an automation when a traccar event happens? There should be a lot of events that happen in the past, but I have not been able to find them (even just to know how they are named)

Any help here?