Traccar Integration, additional Information

Afternoon everyone.

I’ve just added traccar as a stand-alone docker container on my unraid server, and it is working as expected. I’ve tested the app on my phone, and have just transferred my motorcycle tracker to update into traccar.

The motorcycle tracker reports battery voltage and this can be seen in the traccar WebUI, (shown below) Is it possible to get this information into home assistant? I’d like to set up a node-red flow that monitors the battery voltage on the bike, and when it drops below a specified value sends a notification.

Thanks in advance for the assistance.


You need to add monitored conditions to your traccar configuration in configuration.yaml:

  - platform: traccar
    monitored_conditions: ['Power']

Thanks @callifo

Is there a list of conditions that can be monitored anywhere?


I found that my tracker reports power via PWR, so added that as a monitored condition.

Thanks for your help.

Anything as I understand it providing you name it the same as its displayed in traccar.

I sometimes find that the plugin fails to actually monitor the attribute and it does not show up in HA (but its in traccar) and HA can require a restart to get it to show up. Happens probably 1 in 20.

There is the complete list: