Track additional location

I’m wondering if it’s possible to track weather and sun at my home, plus an additional location?

I frequent a State park about 30mins away, and the weather can be vastly different there, vs at my home. Also because it’s mountainous, the sun goes behind the mountain a lot earlier than it does at my home. I’d use this information as conditions for an automation I run, to let me know if the weather conditions are suitable for certain outdoor activities.


Yes two locations is possible with this

Great, thank you! I’m half way there! Know of any add on that supports an additional weather location?

Solved my own problem with tracking additional weather locations. Turns out you can go into a weather integration, and select ‘add service’, which lets you add an additional set of weather entities, at a different location (chosen via a map). Once created, you’ll have two separate sets of weather entries, just be sure to name them something unique. Also noticed that it doesn’t make all the sensors like it does for the initial service, but did make an entity in the weather domain, which generally includes quite a bit of data, plus forecasts.