Track down CPU load

hi there,

i have hassio with ha 91.2 on a p3+ running. one day the CPU load is at 30% and the other day it’s 6%.
what is the best way to track down the issue? addon installed are airsonos, dashio, web configurator, mqtt and samba share.


I use to top command myself, it shows what process is eating CPU.

when i used hassio on RPI3 … the internal mqtt server occupied a large amount of cpu cycles…i noticed this when switching to mosquitto server and the cycles dropped off significantly

Since you’re using hassio, everything will be running under Docker, so you could also install Portainer. That gives you very easy access to monitoring each Docker container, and would therefore indicate if the add-ons are a problem since they run in separate containers.

If you want to get fancier, you can monitor Docker over time using cadvisor/prometheus/grafana. I did it for a while, but once there were no longer problems, I stopped those containers because cAdvisor was using 15% CPU by itself.

That won’t work for HassOS:

Maybe, but the OP says he’s running hassio. That’s what I’m doing and it works for me. Not a portainer add-on to HA. Portainer by itself.

Depends if he’s using the RPi image. HassOS is the problem.

tracked it down by using the glances add on.
it was ffmpeg causing high cpu load. so disabled it, for now. dont know why ffmpeg causes sometimes high cpu load.