Track Miles Driven - Time for oil change

I have a beacon from StateFarm that tracks my driving habits. I’ve looked on my android phone for the data files but haven’t been able to locate them, must be hidden somewhere. I also know that the data is transmitted via wifi once a day to StateFarm.

Does anyone have an idea of how I can intercept this information so that I can get a reminder setup in Home Assistant as to when to change the car’s oil?

You ever check out Automatic? Its an OBD II sensor you install in your car and it tracks all sorts of stuff like that - as well as Check Engine data, etc… And there is already a component in Home Assistant. I’m installing it right now actually… You’re post reminded me to check out the implementation! lol

Thanks for your response, No I haven’t checked out Automatic but I am now. Still hoping I can get the info from StateFarm device.