Track persons movements throughout the house

Any ideas on how to track my family’s movements throughout the house?

It would be great to set up automations based on specific family members entering or leaving rooms.

For example : turn on a light to 100% if I walk into a room versus turn on a light to 25% if my wife does

Pick one or all:

  1. Bluetooth tracker worn at all times.
  2. Cameras in all rooms running facial-recognition software 24x7.

I can’t speak for your situation, but neither is acceptable in my home (1 is inconvenient, 2 is invasive).

There are also dog/cat tags you can implant and be scanned when crossing a threshold… in other words, I too see this as intrusive :slight_smile:
Somewhere on the web I have seen a similar case and the person came reasonably far, I just cannot find it anymore.

What is room-assistant? A quick explainer | Home Assistant Guide (

Wife needs a fancy new BT bracelet! :wink:

I am horrible at packaging, if I tried to make it then it would probably looks like this.

Hi guys… Bluetooth never occurred to me.

I get the creep factor… My real life use case is we have an elderly family member living with we who tends to wander. I need to set up alerts for when she enters certain areas of the house (kitchen, shop, garage etc)