Tracked devices missing from Overview after 105 upgrade

My devices not longer show up individually as home or away in the Overview after this upgrade. I also added the tile integration and can’t see these devices in the Overview.

What happened? How can I get back the old behaviour?

Did you check the release notes?

We no longer show device_tracker entities in generated mode. We advise you to bind one or more device trackers to a person that will be shown in the UI.

Can you help me understand that line, i re-read it and still not get it.

I have setup this in my config

  - platform: mikrotik
    username: ***
    password: ***
    interval_seconds: 60
    consider_home: 0:03:00
      track_new_devices: false

and i am getting

The following integrations and platforms could not be set up:

Please check your config.

If the device tracker was there before - then it should still exist, just not be shown on the generated view. To get similar functionality as you had before (and it potentially enables better functionality in the future):

  • Create a Person (Configuration => Persons)
  • Link your device tracker to the person
  • If you have more than one device tracker per person enter them all separately
  • If you have more people rinse and repeat
  • The person should display in the frontend

Also, I don’t use MikroTik, but that’s changed too. It would probably be best to set it up from the UI.

MikroTik - MikroTik Integration can now be added from the integrations UI! It also supports importing existing configurations from configuration.yaml (refer to the docs to update your configuration). Now uses the entity registry for managing devices ( known_devices.yaml will not be used anymore), this causes devices to be re-discovered. - (@engrbm87 - #27484) (mikrotik docs)

I did read the release notes. I guess I was too busy fixing my August and NetAtmo integrations to notice the details.

It would be nice if there was a way to keep the current behaviour (I already excluded the devices I don’t want tracked).