Tracker card (custom_updater) -Title icon

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I am not able to change the icon In the title for the Tracker card. Would be nice to be able to do so.

This does not work:
title: mdi:update Update Custom code
icon: mdi:update


It doesn’t work for any other cards either. If you change the name from Updates, it doesn’t show an icon either. If you check the py file, you will see it’s using an ansi character… you can find a different character, but like any other card, there is no icon…

Hopefully the developers will implement the icon-functionality/tag.

If you want your GUI to be uniform for your HA setup, icons should be configurable as default for Lovelace cards.

You can most definitely change it. use the title option.

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Thanks for replying.

But I don’t get it. What do I write in the title string to get “mdi:selected-icon” to be displayed as a part of the title?

oh. no that will not work, but copy any icon from and paste it in the title and it should show.


VSo, trying this, which I now see works here in this post, but not in my Hassio. I have cleared my browsers cache.
Sigh…its hard to be a N00b, where I am doing wrong?

type: ‘custom:tracker-card’
title: ‘:radioactive: Update Custom code’


By the way, the Mini Graph gard looks like it inherits the sensor icon, so maybe possible to pick up a mdi:icon in other cards too?

Here is mine:

          - type: custom:tracker-card
            title: "\U0001F4E3 Custom Card Updates"

If you change the title/enter a title then it doesn’t use an icon. So I looked in the code for the js and saw that Ludeeus was using \U0001F4E3 as the icon so I added that to the title and it workd with my ‘custom title’

I then did a google search for U0001F4E3 and saw it’s a unicode character… so I think any unicode character will work… see a list here

I mistakenly said ansi character in my first post.

Your radioactive is here

Maybe try \U00002622… here… it works

FWIW, I copied an icon from that gist:

But I’m using the GUI editor

Also pretty sure it will convert the emoji to unicode when it stores it…

I could not find your radioactive emoji on that gist…

and it’s not converting it on mine…

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I still miss the standard HA icons to choose from, but got the icon working by writing the following:

title: “\U00002622 Update Custom code”

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