Tracking Apple AirTags with Shortcuts?

I know the topic of tracking Apple AirTags has been covered at length. And mostly established that it ain’t possible. BUT!

I am thinking of whether there is a way to leverage Apple Shortcuts on an older iPhone or iPad that is lying around collecting dust (that can repeat shortcut on a cadence). Right now, you can open Find My Items page of the app through Shortcuts by using “Open URL findmy://items”. Couldn’t figure how to get to a page for specific item, but maybe the community brains may have ideas. Guess it must be findmy://items/???

If that is possible, then we can follow this action with a wait for x seconds for page to refresh, Take Screenshot, Extract Text from Picture, If “contains” “home” press a button once (eg. make an Action in Home Assistant for it and maybe use a spare Aqara Button or something like that). From there you can run automations or something

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Omg I need to know if you found the answer because wtf is customization on an iPhone if I can’t even do that

Check this out. Early development, but seems great so far.

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