Tracking device

is there’s anyways to trace the device attached to MAC instead of IPs… if modem reset or IP change … if we can tract the availability by MAC… then perfect

Aren’t all the tracking devices based on MAC?
I track all my devices with MAC

hi maybe i setup wrong … correct me …
my phone is track by known_devices.yaml… when i connect to wi-fi… by phone some time get the diffent ip . then i need to manually goes into known_devices.yaml and change the 1921682189: to new ip … refeltct…

name: Thushi
mac: A4:E4:B8:3E:93:5E
track: yes
hide_if_away: no

Now I understand what you meant, my known_devices came out differently since it is named after what your DHCP calls the device and has nothing to do with the IP.
You don’t have to change your IP every time your router changing it since it is not used for tracking, just keep it as it is.

Better yet change the “1921682189:” which is actually a name to identify your tracker for fi automation to something you want like my_iphone_6:

It will show as device_tracker.my_iphone_6

You will longer be tempted to wanting to change it to reflect your IP :blush: