Tracking done in spurts... inconsistent

Just wondering if anyone might know why my pixel 4 phone, running HA companion, updates my map in “machine gun” like spurts… then skips a few miles (several minutes) and then reports its position normally. This happens during my commute in the morning as I drive to work. I have great cell coverage, so I don’t suspect that.

Apparently I’m too new here to post a picture of it on the map, but the question is pretty self explanatory.

Just wondering,

its expected to see a 2-5 minute gap in location reporting, also if a report is not accurate enough or an invalid report was sent those will be skipped. The companion app logs will show when events get skipped. If you require faster and more frequent updates look into using high accuracy mode.

I am configured to “High Accuracy” mode already.
There are definitely not 2-5 minute gaps in the results, as I am moving at 45-55 MPH at these locations and times. I’d be thrilled with a ping every 30 seconds or so… but this is machine-gun reporting, then nothing for several minutes, then a single ping, etc…
Below is a screen capture illustrating the situation:

(Apparently, today I can post pictures)

Try these steps and then continue to the logs if the issue persists. We need to look at the logs for the decision making process to see what is happening when this issue occurs. Please make sure to capture with high accuracy on and off and try to get us at least 10 minutes of the logs.