Tracking down a docker IP


I need some help figuring what exactly is trying to access my Home Assistant:
I have hassos running as an ESXi appliance with the Nginx Proxy Manager addon installed.
use_x_forwarded_for is enabled in the configuration.yaml, and is a trusted proxy (and so is the host’s LAN IP).
Running “ha info” in the console shows .1 as the hassos IP.

In the log, the following line is repeated A LOT: Received X-Forwarded-For header from untrusted proxy, headers not processed.

How can I check what is using the .2 IP? The Portainer addon doesn’t provide any apparent answers…

You can use the following command on each container to get its IP

docker inspect -f '{{range.NetworkSettings.Networks}}{{.IPAddress}}{{end}}' container_name_or_id

My understanding of the hassos console – and hassos in general – must be wrong, since not even docker ps seems like a valid command. Where should this command be run?
Apart from that, Portainer only shows a bunch of unused images; no containers appear to be running.

I am fairly certain the .2 IP is the Nginx Proxy Addon, but I would really like to see it confirmed. That being said, the reverse proxy is working as intended, so not really sure what’s going on…

This should be run from the host, sounds like you are doing it in the container.

In the settings there’s an option for hidden containers, remove the entries and the containers should appear.

I’m in the hassos VM console signed in as root with no password, and yes, it does seem like I’m in the container, but in that case I have no idea how I’m supposed to access the host like it appears Portainer is able to;

Thank you, this did the trick – Nginx is the .2 ip.

Use the webterminal and ssh addon and you can run docker.