Tracking for some users is not working in HA

Hi All,

So I’m really new to HA and loving it so far!

I want to setup some automation around people and zones but running into inconsistent behavior. Basically some of the users in my home, their devices are not knowing their status. (see attached)


What i have done to ensure these devices should be working:

  1. I have enabled location services on the phone (android, one samsung and one Huawei)
  2. i have , in the app permissions allowed HA to get location always
  3. confirmed in the HA app on the phones that backgrouond location is active
  4. added the people to HA and linked their device_tracker.device name
  5. logged them out and back into the app
  6. restarted phone
  7. Tried adding them directly into config.yaml

Im kind of stuck as some of the people are working and others are not. example, other android, apple and samsung devices are working in this home but some are not.

Please assist in helping me get to the bottom of this.


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