Tracking log to monitor presence and device usage


Not sure if this is possible, hopefully it has been done already. I want to (over a period for example a week) to be able to accumulate and extract a log of a persons movements in a house and their device usage for analysis in excel. There is a genuine reason to want to do this not for big brother reasons.

Example Devices:
2 x Smart plugs (Zwave or Wifi) that include energy usage tracking:

  • Plug permanently connected to an iron which may be plugged in anywhere in the house
  • Table lamp permanently connected

4 x Inline Switches (Zwave) that include energy usage tracking connected in wall behind wall power sockets:

  • Double inline switch - Microwave & Kettle
  • Double inline switch - TV & Foxtel
  • Double inline switch - Playstation and TV
  • Single inline switch - Cooker and Oven

2 x Water sensors

  • Bathroom floor
  • Lounge floor (storm floods)

2 x ibeacon transmitters on the person(s) being tracked

8 x ibeacon receivers (Happy Bubbles)

  • Kitchen
  • Lounge
  • Bedroom1
  • Bedroom2
  • Bedroom3
  • Ensuite Master
  • Bathroom
  • Entertainment room
  • Garage

I want to track in a log date and time and persons movement between rooms using ibeacon technology for example happy bubble and MQTT.

I also want to track in the same log data and time of specified device states / usage, for example I want to monitor when devices are switched on and off or if left on like TV / Foxtel capture the power consumption at regular intervals to see usage.

When all this data is available in a log then analyse in excel to track presence movement and device usage. Assumptions can be made that for example the person is in the room and that the iron + plug was being used between 11:20am and 12:12pm so they must have been ironing.

Example data format:

Date | Time | Entity | Previous State Date & Time | Current State Date & Time | Rooms + Presence of Person in Room|

That’s what most of the History components handle.

Hi mate…thanks there are heaps of components associated with history and recorder. I will investigate, further.