Tracking media player status on Android Tablets/Netflix app?


I have my Home-Assistant configuration working great, and i’m slowly working my way into getting automation working to my liking. I have a Nexus Player that I use for my primary viewing device and I have Kodi and Plex sending their status to HA with no problem. But, when someone is watching something else (ex. Netflix), the Nexus does not send any information to HA, and I cannot control any automations as a result. Is there a setting that I am missing, or is it not possible to track the status of certain media player apps?

Also, other than Kodi, is it possible to have Tablet apps (iOS and/or Android) report their media status back to HA?


I think that by using a simple Chromecast you’ll always have information on what’s playing and have control over it.
For a Nexus Player it must be slightly different though.
And you’re right, not all media player / app can be tracked, you can find a list of supported device/player here: