Tracking our Android phones

I’d like to track both mine and my wife’s Android phones. I’ve installed the HA app on both phones and allowed tracking during the setup (I think). Both phones have been added to my dashboard but they always show “home”. Shouldn’t they show when they leave our home network or is there an automation that I need to add?

Also I’ve read a little about the GPSLogger app. Would that be good for tracking?

Thanks for any hints.

If you want to use the HA app to provide location, it needs a way to communicate back to your HA instance. You need an external URL.

I use Nabu Casa, but there are also various rDNS services that can be used to resolve back to your public IP address at home.

The alternative is to use your phone’s connection to your home wifi, but that’s not dependent on the HA app, you need to be looking at your home router, AP, etc.

Thanks, I’ve been looking at Nabu Casa and it’s probably the way I’ll go.

I run the free version of Life360 on our phones and the Life360 integration in Home Assistant. I get the phone’s location in LAT-LON and the Zone it’s in.

Haven’t heard of that but will check it out. Thanks!