Tracking rain fall

I’ looking for a way to track the rain. I currently use the AccuWeather integration and using the rain fall se sensor to graph the rain fall. My graph shows the rain fall for the passes week, but does not seem to add up the total. I wanted to do this so I can see how much rain has fallen during the week so I can see when and how much to water my grass and pants. Looking for any other ideas and or options to achieve this.
Thank you all

You might want to have a look at the following integration;

You can define it in terms of a number of different forms of input (once you decide on rainfall and how you gather it). I have a number of copies of this integration defined 1. using weather site info 2 using Netatmo raingage info. I then use these to determine the right level of watering which is calculated by the integration.


I have this (pink stripes are sprinkler on times):

And this:

Most of it, other than the grafana stuff in the first image is written up here:

I only automate my irrigation on rain today, predicted rain tomorrow and lawn moisture.

this is very nice looking. well done.