Tracking Work Bag

Is there a good commercially available tracker that I can use to track a laptop for which I do not have rights to alter (work laptop that I do not have admin right to). I want to be able to track the laptop’s position and set up an automation to alert me if I leave the house and forget the laptop at home.

I was looking at the Tile device that looks like a credit card. However, that seems to require an iPhone app be included in the automation. Any help is appreciated.

I haven’t managed to get the tile integration working very good in HA.
It’s most of the time unavailable.
Does the laptop have USB power when closed?
If so then you could put something USB powered in one of the ports.

Bluetooth or wifi perhaps.
Not sure what happens if you have a wifi dongle that has power but no host to talk to.
Will it still connect to wifi?

The USB ports are locked. I thought something like an old SmartThings presence sensor might work…just put it in my bag.

In what way? Are they filled with glue or are the disabled?

Well, disabled. Administrator has to enable them. They might get power, but I can’t configure anything.